MDF Colorboard is a stylish alternative to conventional framing. Available in four styles and dozens of color options, it’s perfect for any decor. Our process involves the dry mounting of artwork onto medium density fiberboard (MDF) and permanently sealing it with a protective matte finish vinyl lamination that filters out 80% of UV light to help resist fading. It is then finished with a beveled edge in with over 30 color options. The final result is a non-glare, easy to clean, professional product that is ready to hand and enjoy.

Colorboard Options:

Light Board
Our Light Board is 3/8” in depth and is the perfect lightweight solution.

Float Board
For an “off the wall” dramatic presentation, Float board offers a recessed 3/4″ box frame that lifts your image away from the wall.

Boxed Board
The Boxed Board option offers a 1″ thick depth option. We start with a 1/4″ board, combine it with a 3/4″ depth outer frame, and finish it with a 1/8″ bevel for a bold, yet lightweight presentation.

Doublelite Board
For the effect of framing, without the frame, Doublelite combines a 1/4″ plaque with a larger 3/8″ base plaque, which creates a border around your image. The base plaque can be custom printed with a color, pattern, or a continuation of an image for unlimited choices.

Scratch Resistant MDF: Nice upgrade for High Traffic Areas is an ideal solution for Elevator Panels, Front Desk, and Table Tops