AQUAframes provide all the best qualities of traditional open waterfalls - aesthetics and soothing water flow - but without the undesirable qualities of traditional open systems.

  • -  Eliminates potential Water Health Risks
  • -  Eliminates Monthly Maintenance
  • -  Fully self contained - no drains or water lines required
  • -  Eliminates potential Liability or Damage from water splashing
  • -  Eliminate the need for Complex Filtration or Chemical/Caustic water treatments
  • -  Preserves limited resources (uses <1% water of similar open system)
  • -  Simple and Easy to Install – just add water
  • -  Advances Water Conservation and Sustainable Designs

Ideal for Healthcare, Restaurants, Hotels, Spas, Museums, Homes and More.

This innovative technology enables locations with the strictest hygiene concerns to now safely incorporate water features into locations never possible before